Thursday, June 21, 2007


Oh look! Up yonder in the old dead tree. Is that an immature bald eagle I spy???
You know what THAT's time for another CAMP DEBBIE!!!!!

Ok yeah, he's really a turkey vulture.
Just don't mention it to any of my camper girls, they can't see a dang thing without their glasses and he makes everyone feel sorta welcome. Like he's been sitting up there waiting for us since last time we gathered around the fire.

Thanks to the handsome young neighbor who graciously stopped by our camp and offered to take our picture. Say young man..........might you happen to have a single father lurking out there somewhere???? Does he like dusty girls that are fragrant, like a campfire?

The Camper girls surprised Director Debbie with a little graduation party.

I waited 50 years to twirl some tassels.

The best part of Camp Debbie, of course, is the Camper Girls.

And nature class. Here first-time Camper Paula learns more than she ever wanted to know about a woodland toad. Here also, a woodland toad learns more than he ever wanted to know about what happens when one wanders from the woodland into the campsite of a bunch of women on their third tumbler of vodka punch.

First time Campers Lisa and Molly. Molly has a beautiful voice and without benefit of accompaniment, burst into a heartfelt rendition of "Oh Danny Boy" somewhere around midnight. Her beautiful song was met with cheers from surrounding campers when she finished. Unfortunately, traditional Irish melody is apparently the distress call that summons state park rangers.

Frankly, we wondered what took him so long. Traditionally Camp Debbie gatherings are visited by men in uniform long before dark. This ambitious fellow didn't show up until well after midnight and, I must say, was fairly humorless.

Perhaps he was annoyed when one of the Camper Girls asked if he was a stripper cop as he walked up to the fire. In her defense, how was she to know he wasn't??? It was dark. It was late....

At any rate, once he identified himself and showed us the fine emblem on his hat, we listened attentively and sat in wide-eyed and rapt attention as he explained his Strike One, Strike Two, Strike Three policy which would eventually end with us crossing homeplate in handcuffs. (Not, he emphasized, nearly as fun as it sounds)
We thanked him for reviewing the park policies with us so carefully and eventually he went home.

This was about ten minutes before our neighboring campers brought out a CHAIN SAW.
Yes, a chain saw and you can bet,for a moment all of our minds wandered off in the direction of wondering which of our body parts they would wrap up and mail to our relatives in brown paper when they were done sawing their way through our campsite.

When it became evident we were just neighbors and not prey, we forgot about them and continued with our own little camping party.

And yes, of course.
There were awards for everyones official Camp Debbie necklaces.
Followed by sleep, and eventually.........


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