Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Digitally Impaired

Wandering daughter hit the road for ten days with mama's digital camera.

Who knew we would feel so lost.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sunday Morning

Friday night I was buckled into my seat on an airplane with my 4-year old granddaughter Victoria, buckled in next to me on a runway in Minneapolis. We sat there for about 4 hours, awaiting Air Traffic Control's permission to take off, due to very bad weather. This morning I checked the Minneapolis Star Tribune Sunday edition to see how much snow they got up there on the night they made us wait for so long on an airplane with nothing more to eat than a few cans of Pringles but never made it to the weather page. Instead, a caption about an article caught my eye, it directed me to a blog that I've been reading all morning.

I would suggest you go there, if you're so inclined. Read the blog. Look at the pictures. It's an incredible story about ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances. If you are a person who believes and prays, a young man named Matt with the weight of the world on his shoulders and a tiny little baby girl in his arms could use our support. He is detailing his thoughts in simple words and photos as day by day their story unfolds. Eloquent. Honest.

I taped their names next to my kitchen sink to remind me to pray for them every time I see it. It's also a reminder to be thankful for my own blessings, to make each moment count and to tell the people in my life how much I love them. That's my little Victoria's art work next to the note. She made that for Grandma before we flew her home.

Here is the blog address, it's something special:

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Road Trip

We're on our way to feed the swans in our favorite pond across town.
It's a bit of a drive, but we brought markers, toys, puzzles, snacks and beverages to make sure no one got too antsy. We got antsy anyway.

Grandma, I want out of this seat.
No, you have to stay in the seat and be safe.
But I want out, it's hurting me, it's hurrrrrrrting me.

We stop. I check the straps. I make note that the pain mysteriously disappears the moment I stop the car, but I dutifully check the straps anyway. I am, after all, a Grandma and car seats have changed since I was a mommy. What do I really know about straps anyway.

A couple more miles down the road.
Grandma, I want out of my seat. It hurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrts.

We'll be there soon. Your seat is fine.
I note great twisting and turning going on in the back seat from the glimpses I can catch in my rear view mirror. really really's choking meeeeeeeeeee.......
There is a most sorrowful tone of voice, perhaps even the slight hint of a groan.

Nice try, sister. We'll be there soon.
If you sit up right, that strap won't choke you. Grandma wants you to be safe.

Grandma Debbie?
Grandma Debbie, you don't have a Grandpa?
You mean, do I have a Grandpa living with me? No, I don't have a Grandpa living with me, it's just me. I'm just a Grandma and I live with Binksy the cat.

Oh. You don't want a Grandpa?
Well, I suppose if I found one I liked I wouldn't mind having one.

I'll find you one, Grandma Debbie.
I'll go shopping maybe, at the store. and I'll get you a Grandpa.

Grandpa's RUs ????

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Kickin' up mud on Saturday

Southeast Iowa.
Just a few miles past the second pasture on your left.
Sunny spring day. Nice breeze.
And lotsa noise.

Double click on the arrows:

Fun day in the mud.