Sunday, June 23, 2013

Peaceful Sunday.

A little water. A little sunshine.
A big stick.

Smiling. Can you see it?

There is so much peace to be found in the simplest of pleasures.
A warm lake. A mossy boat ramp. A happy dog.

I'd like to thank Gunny for today's lakeside moments. He is a beautiful boy whose story has a happy ending. He was found cold and shivering on the side of a highway very late one night this winter. He was a trained hunting dog, knew a full compliment of commands and was well-behaved and obedient. 

Gunny had an obvious need for some serious medical care. There was a tumor. A big one. Months later, surgery completed and a success ~ he's a beloved pal to my son; a faithful jogging and fishing buddy. A ground-sniffing, nose-pointing chaser of deer.
Lover of great big sticks tossed into the lake.

Life. It's just better with a dog.