Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Promises, promises

Got some new shampoo.
Smells nice.
Big-time promises printed on the side of the bottle.

Now I'm just sittin' here, patiently waiting for big, fat, sexy hair.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Adventures in Doggie-Sitting

I spent the weekend with a couple of cute little guys and wanted to take some pictures of them. Every time I pulled out my camera, this is what I got:

Back ends and behinds.
I tried sneaking the camera out when they were sleeping. Didn't work.
They sensed what was going on and either turned their backs to me or came running, wanting to lick my face.

That's the best I could get.
They're sweet, snuggly and fell asleep on my lap every time I sat down to watch tv.
Their family comes home tomorrow so we're off to bed, they'll keep my feet warm all night and I'll hand out the last of the treats I brought with me, in the morning.
(I didn't float in on a breeze with my umbrella but I do aspire to be the Mary Poppins of the doggie-sitter set.)

No doubt, I'll spend all next week trying to convince Binks the Very Fat Cat to forgive me.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Scooby DOOBIE Doooooooooo......

Something tells me by the way he coughed and introduced the tune, the accordian dude knew there was more to the "Modern Spiritual" number than perhaps Mr. Welk understood.........

Tooo funny......

Friday, July 18, 2008

Anybody Home???

In response to a little notice I posted on my local grocery store bulletin board, I agreed to doggie-sit for some really nice people in their home while they are away for a long weekend. I went to their place on Wednesday to meet the lady of the house who is a young mom with a new baby..... and of course, the family pups. She's a sweet gal, she filled me in on how to take care of their two adorable cocker spaniels, gave me a key to the house, a few written notes, showed me where they keep the dog food and that was about it. Her husband wasn't home at the time, so I didn't have a chance to meet him.

To make a long story short, I didn't pay quite enough attention to the minute details of the arrangements.

Last night I walked right up to the front door of these peoples lovely home, put their key in the lock, turned it and walked straight into the living room of their, presumably, vacant home. I immediately noticed the television was on and thought that was a little strange, but maybe they leave it on to keep the dogs company. The dogs came rushing into the room to bark and greet me. "Hi guys!!

Which is right about the time I looked up and beyond the living room where I was standing, to see a man sitting at the kitchen counter, with what I would describe as a genuine look of surprise on his face.

"And who might you be??????" he inquired, and I've got to give him credit, he said it real nice, too. Not at all like a guy who'd been sitting at his kitchen counter, minding his own business and had a total stranger unlock his front door and walk into his living room in the early evening.

I was, of course, equally as surprised.
Do I have the right house? Is this an episode of Candid Camera? I sorta felt like I'd stepped into an episode of The Twilight Zone. Yup, the house is the same one. Same couch. Same carpet.
Same dogs....

The nice man at the kitchen counter had a cordial air about him. This, despite the fact he had every right to be sort of annoyed or I think technically, the right to shoot me dead since he had no clue who I was and I was standing in the middle of his living room, an assumed uninvited guest which in some fellows vocabulary is synonymous with "Intruder". Guys around here have been known to keep a firearm or two.

We stood there staring at one another for a minute or two.
"Would you mind just waiting right there...." he said and disappeared down a hall. I, of course, fought the impulse to run out the door and froze in one spot, stooping to pet the dogs, so far the only living beings that recognized me as a friend. A few minutes later, he returned....with his wife who, though equally surprised at seeing me in their living room, confirmed, "Yeah that's her! That's the lady that's taking care of the week."

Next week...................!!!!!

Sunday, July 06, 2008


A quick overview of our cruise, my very first.
Just enough pictures to give you an idea of some cool things about our week.

We saw some really amazing things.
In between all of the quick shore trips and fun on the ship,
it was just nice and peaceful.

This was my first cruise and will probably be my last.
It was fun experiencing travel on-board ship, but I'm a wandering kind
of girl and ports-of-call don't allow enough time for me to poke around a place
as much as I would like. To the breathtakingly beautiful, expansive and pristine wilderness that is our neighbor to the North, the good State of Alaska, I say:

Don't worry. I know what we saw on our quick little cruise
isn't what you are all about. It's like if I were from a foreign country and I flew in to JFK, grabbed an airport hot dog, bought an I heart NY t-shirt and flew back home to tell everyone what the USA is all about. I know. And I'll be back. Next time I will be flying in, renting a car and wandering around for a long time so I can see who you really are.
In the meantime,
thanks for the wonderful welcome.

ALASKA / Part Two

Ok. Here it is.
My favorite part of my trip to Alaska: ten days spent with my cousins.
If laughter is truly the best medicine,
I'm gonna be an old, old lady.

There were some beverages along the way.
You don't get to be 40/50-something without learning a few things along the way.
None of us grabbed the karaoke microphone. We just sat and made fun of the people who did.

The scenic background to all of our on and off-board fun can be pretty easily described........OceanOceanOceanICEBERG!!!OceanOceanOceanOceanOceanOceanWHALE!!!OceanOceanOcean
TreesTreesTreesTreesTreesTreesTreesIceberg!!!TreesTreesTreesTreesSEAL!!!TreesTreesTrees BALDEAGLE!!!!! Back to the beverages.............




OMG!!! Is that Kate Winslet???!!!!!

There you have it.
Great fun.