Sunday, July 06, 2008

ALASKA / Part Two

Ok. Here it is.
My favorite part of my trip to Alaska: ten days spent with my cousins.
If laughter is truly the best medicine,
I'm gonna be an old, old lady.

There were some beverages along the way.
You don't get to be 40/50-something without learning a few things along the way.
None of us grabbed the karaoke microphone. We just sat and made fun of the people who did.

The scenic background to all of our on and off-board fun can be pretty easily described........OceanOceanOceanICEBERG!!!OceanOceanOceanOceanOceanOceanWHALE!!!OceanOceanOcean
TreesTreesTreesTreesTreesTreesTreesIceberg!!!TreesTreesTreesTreesSEAL!!!TreesTreesTrees BALDEAGLE!!!!! Back to the beverages.............




OMG!!! Is that Kate Winslet???!!!!!

There you have it.
Great fun.

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