Monday, February 23, 2009

Who Knew???

In the absence of willing neighbors or a parade of flannel-shirt guys that know their way around a tool belt, I went out and bought a drill. Well, y'know, because I needed to drill something. Not five minutes home from the hardware store I made an amazing discovery.

For some very odd reason drills do not come with drill bits. Huh??? Does that make one bit of sense? Is a drill good for anything without drill bits? Would an electric mixer come without the metal beaters? No way. Women of the kitchen would not accept such a thing. Why men of the toolshed have been accepting such a thing is beyond me.

Back to the hardware store we go.
We (in the royal sense of Home Improvement Princesses and Duchesses everywhere) purchase a set of drill bits. The little box has a bunch of different sizes. Surely something will work.


But how.

And where do these little guys work into the grand scheme of drilling things??

Hmmm. What is wrong with this picture......

I'm not sure I got it right but my friends and family will be amazed to know that I really did drill something without A) losing a finger, B) starting a fire and C) piercing another hole in my ear. I did it. I drilled a couple of holes which allowed me to hang a light fixture....which you'll never see so I wouldn't even have to tell you, but I hangs kind of crooked.

Nevertheless, hang it does and nicely lights my kitchen counter from beneath the cupboards. (Picture it. Me lying on the counter with my head under the cupboard, power drill over my head making little holes in pieces of wood. I will admit to you, it is a miracle of the highest order that I did not lose an eye.)

And we celebrate!!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Early Morning Call

When the alarm goes off at 3 AM, I wonder why I always book myself on the earliest flight possible. All the way to the airport I wonder.

And then we take off and I look out the window.

That's why.

Monday, February 02, 2009

Homework Challenges

This is why I usually study and do my homework at Barnes & Noble. Even with everyone milling around, flipping the pages of books, chatting over coffee and picking story books with their kids in the children's section, it's still easier than studying at home.

It's too easly to get distracted at home. The kitchen says "come get a snack", the computer says "come check your email", my books say, "put down that textbook and read us!!" There are just so many, many distractions.

But that isn't the MAIN reason why I study at Barnes and Noble on Sunday's. It's easier to show you than explain it........ this is me trying to read and study at the desk in my kitchen.

As you can see, I get lots of help.

My cat. Needy. Oh my lord, sooo sooooooooooooo needy.

"I win."