Monday, February 02, 2009

Homework Challenges

This is why I usually study and do my homework at Barnes & Noble. Even with everyone milling around, flipping the pages of books, chatting over coffee and picking story books with their kids in the children's section, it's still easier than studying at home.

It's too easly to get distracted at home. The kitchen says "come get a snack", the computer says "come check your email", my books say, "put down that textbook and read us!!" There are just so many, many distractions.

But that isn't the MAIN reason why I study at Barnes and Noble on Sunday's. It's easier to show you than explain it........ this is me trying to read and study at the desk in my kitchen.

As you can see, I get lots of help.

My cat. Needy. Oh my lord, sooo sooooooooooooo needy.

"I win."


Jan said...

I think he thinks you are stressed and he is just doing his part to reduce your stress... because petting a cat is supposed to reduce your stress..... I swear.. he's just trying to be helpful LOL

Debbie said...

Yeahhh, I'm pretty sure you're right. And I do appreciate the love and snuggles. I just kinda hate having to pick cat hair out of the keyboard. Actually when I use the laptop, he get's booted to the floor because he can't resist pawing at the cursor as it moves around on the screen.

Turtles In Alaska said...

He is adorable! I would have to go to Barnes and Nobles too!Lol

Anonymous said...

binks just like to be near people. he is his happiest when ALL your attention is on him. i miss that fat fur ball. can you pretty please ship him to oregon for a month???!!!

Debbie said...

He misses you too, sweets. However I promised Mr. Binks when he came to live with me that his traveling days were over after all the places he's lived...East Coast, West Coast, the brothel in KC, which by the way he told me he LOVED......but his forever home is right here at my feet, he's earned his retirement.