Saturday, January 24, 2009

CSI : Parking Lot

The scene of the crime.

Tragic. Such a loss.
Thursday: Company Pot-Luck Day. Up at 5:30 AM to fry bacon, brown the ground beef, drain the beans, add the brown sugar, add barbecue sauce and bake for an hour.

One wrong step and a little teeter when exiting the car...........DANG!!!!! The glass pan survived the drop. My grandma's recipe for Calico Barbecue Baked Beans did not. Very sad. Oh so very sad. I could have slept for another hour. I walked into the building empty-handed, leaving behind my contribution still steaming in the cold morning air where they lie in a pathetic lump on the blacktop.


Stacey said...

Crikey! Was it there when you left work? That's what I want to know! I hope you still ate everyone else's yummy stuff...

Debbie said...

Somewhere out there is a flatulent critter with a very full tummy. He licked the pavement so clean you couldn't see a trace of my baked beans when I left work. My co-workers were lovely and invited me to share even though my contribution went spllllattt!