Thursday, April 24, 2008

Road Trip

We're on our way to feed the swans in our favorite pond across town.
It's a bit of a drive, but we brought markers, toys, puzzles, snacks and beverages to make sure no one got too antsy. We got antsy anyway.

Grandma, I want out of this seat.
No, you have to stay in the seat and be safe.
But I want out, it's hurting me, it's hurrrrrrrting me.

We stop. I check the straps. I make note that the pain mysteriously disappears the moment I stop the car, but I dutifully check the straps anyway. I am, after all, a Grandma and car seats have changed since I was a mommy. What do I really know about straps anyway.

A couple more miles down the road.
Grandma, I want out of my seat. It hurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrts.

We'll be there soon. Your seat is fine.
I note great twisting and turning going on in the back seat from the glimpses I can catch in my rear view mirror. really really's choking meeeeeeeeeee.......
There is a most sorrowful tone of voice, perhaps even the slight hint of a groan.

Nice try, sister. We'll be there soon.
If you sit up right, that strap won't choke you. Grandma wants you to be safe.

Grandma Debbie?
Grandma Debbie, you don't have a Grandpa?
You mean, do I have a Grandpa living with me? No, I don't have a Grandpa living with me, it's just me. I'm just a Grandma and I live with Binksy the cat.

Oh. You don't want a Grandpa?
Well, I suppose if I found one I liked I wouldn't mind having one.

I'll find you one, Grandma Debbie.
I'll go shopping maybe, at the store. and I'll get you a Grandpa.

Grandpa's RUs ????

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