Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Watch where you step! They're coming, they're coming....!!!!!!!!!!
Listen to the proud ol' bird, she knows of what she speaks.

In the car with the sun roof wide open, coffee in hand and tearing down the road early this morning I encountered nary another soul. It's the 4th of July. I'm sure everyone is at home getting ready for the local parade.

Unless you plan to stay at home today with the shades drawn, you'll be in prime waving position on the sidelines of the Midwest's biggest parade, even if you don't want to participate.

Yes, they're back. Costumed in seed corn hats and 4H t-shirts to lend an air of sincerity to their mechanical waves, exagerrated oh-I-know-what-you-mean-I-knew-a-poor-struggling-farmer-once-myself smiles and gestures, step back from the curb or you're likely to get run over. We'll wave as they pass because it's polite and if nothing else, we're very polite here. Go ahead and shake their hand, let them kiss your baby, even. Just don't expect it will get you a VIP ticket to the Inaugural Ball. The fields and gravel roads are thick with photographers this holiday for the myriad opportunities to catch a candidate doing something noteworthy (or not)and notice how much bigger the smiles get when a lens is in the neighborhood.

As reported in The Newspaper that Iowa Depends Upon, the cast of this holiday's parading characters are like little wandering prairie dogs that pop-up unexpectedly in neighborhoods that the rest of America has never heard of.

In Urbandale, Marshalltown and Sioux City.........

In Clear Lake, Waterloo and Cedar Rapids......

In Norwalk, Coralville and Wellman.......

Not to be outdone, spreading the usual I-Can-Save-the-World message....... Beaverdale.

All I can say is: Be careful when crossing the streets and remind you, when it looks like, tastes like and smells like...................well, uh.............

Now where did I put my apron and dustpan.............

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Tantor said...

Hillary came through my old home of north Dallas to do a book-signing in my local bookstore years ago. Now, Hillary didn't actually write "It Takes A Village" and didn't credit the ghost writer, as most politicians do, though it was public knowledge that it was ghost-written. However, much of the public does not know what's public knowledge so Hillary can cruise on through with a big lie like that.

At most book-signings, the author sits at a table and signs the books you hand them the way you ask it to be signed. Not Hillary. She stood and greeted the long line of True Hillary Believers and handed them a book she said she had signed earlier. All the happy Hillary lovers went home with a warm glow.

About a week later, a disgruntled Hillary lover wrote a letter to the editor of the Dallas Morning News complaining that she had been scammed. She and her fellow Hillarians had compared their books and found that some of the signatures were identical. After much comparison, they discovered that the books had all been signed with an autograph machine with three different signature styles to fool her foolish fans to think that Hillary had actually signed them.

What a perfect example of the Clinton Method that was: Hillary looking her followers right in the eye, shaking their hands, handing out a book she claimed to write but didn't with a signature she claimed to sign but hadn't. She held her own integrity so cheaply that she found it easier to lie to her followers rather than suffer the inconvenience of signing a few hundred books.

The Clintons will lie about nothing. People who lie about nothing will lie about anything.