Monday, July 02, 2007

Note to Self................

My little digital camera is under the weather. While packing for last weekends trip I considered taking my 35-mm camera along but I don't trust the security search to treat it gently if packed in my bag and didn't want to carry it through the airports in a carry-on. So I left it home.

Big mistake.

The town of Jackson Hole and the surrounding Wyoming countryside are magic for me. I love everything about it there. The National Elk Refuge, Moose Junction, Jenny Lake, Signal Mountain, Yellowstone National park and the tiny little primitive cabins at Jackson Lake. I love the trees and I love the mountains, I love the elk and the buffalo and the cowboys and the bikers and all the fun little shops in town. I love coming up on a group of stopped cars on the side of the road, knowing there is a moose feeding in the reeds or a buffalo grazing in the meadow. I love the crisp, clean air. I love the chill mountain mornings and the way the sun warms your hair in the middle of the day. I love the Wyoming night time sky. If you stare up into the darkness long enough, the dark spots fill with stars. I love the memories I have in Jackson Hole. All of them.

So I was quite pleased to find myself flying there on business this past week. Even though I knew it was going to be a short trip with little time for wandering, my heart beats as happy in this place as anywhere on earth and even before we landed at my favorite airport on the planet, I was looking out the window at the rugged Tetons and kicking myself for not bringing my camera.

Thanks to the good people at Verizon, all was not lost.

I figured out how to capture the weekend on my phone.
They're a little fuzzy, a little vague and they don't capture the beauty of the peaks in a way that my 35mm and telephoto lens could.

But they'll do.

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