Sunday, September 02, 2007

Taste of Summer

I'm pretty good with a glass bowl and a wooden spoon, but notsomuch with appliances that plug into the wall. I remember watching my uncles take turns standing in the basement of my grandmother's house, one foot on the top of the ice cream freezer, cranking it manually until the sugary milk inside turned to ice cream.

Now I just call my boys over and ask them to take care of the technical details.

Later we noticed a parade of little red ants marching across my patio. I don't mind red ants, really. I don't see them very often. They seem to keep to themselves.
Reflecting back on days at the creek in Bondurant,Mike points out that when provoked, little red ants will attack and bite the heck out of you.

These were especially tiny little guys and really seemed to be minding their own biz?? Bite???? Nik and I are not convinced.

OUUUCH!!!!!! Ok, so I guess it's just best not to provoke them, huh?

Homemade ice cream and ant-stomping : the taste of summer in Iowa.

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