Saturday, October 06, 2007

SIX MONTHS LATER.........Todd and Shaylon WHERE ARE YOU.....

After two years of weekly lock-ins in a classroom, it's been nearly 6 months since they turned us loose. Coordinating schedules for a reunion beer is a trick they never taught us in the Edgewater Building but a bunch of us managed to find our way to the perfect place ------ TR's on steak fry night.......

..........where our Molly is working nights as our favorite Irish bartender.

We're still fun. We're still a little goofy.

Nothing much has really changed. A job change here, a new baby on the way there. The grandbabies are fine,Jerry is on his way to Mexico again, Kelli's brother will be home on leave soon. Patrick has started Kindergarten and Justin is concerned about the estrogen in his junior-high lunch milk.

And things still get a little blurry as the evening wears on.)(NOTE TO SELF: WEAR YOUR GLASSES, DEB) Paula and her hubby left before I brought out the camera, but they were there to laugh with us too. And now we all want Lindsey to tell us how we measured up to the descriptions she'd gotten from Kelli...

Great to see you guys!!!

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Molly McIlhon said...

The pictures are great Deb! Thanks for putting them up! It was so nice to see everyone and I'm looking forward to doing this on a more regular basis (1st Friday of the month). Next time, I won't have to bartend all night, so I will be able to hang out with everyone when I'm done with steak fry at 9.
Have a great week!