Sunday, December 02, 2007

It's Beginning to Look Alot Like..........

Last weekend I flew into Norfolk, Virginia, arriving after dark. My hotel was right on the beach, along miles of which there is a drive-through holiday light display. I've been having troubling kicking my holiday spirit into gear, but the sight of these lights from my balcony was a great way to jump-start my mood.

All up and down the beach the cars creep on blacktop paths normally reserved for foot traffic and bicycles during any other time of year. Since it's a seaside community, there are lots of ocean-theme lights alongside the usual Santa's and snowflakes........seahorses, mermaids and shells. Palm trees. Sailing ships. It's pretty. The lights outside the path are actually mounted in the beach sand with the ocean just a few yards beyond. My camera had a hard time capturing it in the dark.

The next morning, I had hot chocolate on my little balcony and watched the sun rise over the beautiful Atlantic ocean.

Right on cue, my favorite weather guy started talking "winter" the day I got home from my quick trip to the East Coast. And sure enough...... on Saturday and this morning, snow. The flakes were so big and gorgeous, I called Sara on her cell phone just so she could look out the window and see them. She was, at the time, upstairs under the covers in a very deep sleep. Someday I am pretty sure she will remember back to this magical moment and thank me. But it may take a while.

The tone of her appreciative voice convinced me I'd just go ahead and enjoy the little birds I saw feasting on the seed I spread on my patio by myself and tell her about it later.

Tonight the frost through the front door that I leaded and stained is a perfect showcase for the Christmas lights my neighbor put up across the street.

And my holiday spirit is open-throttle, full speed ahead.

Now where did I put my mistletoe.

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