Saturday, February 02, 2008

The concept of a "career path" fascinates me. When I hear guidance counselors talk about it I get this vision of a smooth road that takes a big, dramatic sweep from the obscurity of the prairie off into a horizon of urban success. The real path is usually more rocky. Crooked. Twisty. With better scenery. The real path is more interesting.

Not too long ago a young friend said to me, "I want to be just like you when I grow up!". What a lovely compliment. And what a shock to her if she knew all the places I've been that got me to where I am. As Julie Andrews said to those little kids all dressed up in the curtains.....Let's start at the very beginning.....

Babysitter at 35-cents per hour
Dishwasher at Eddie's Elbow Room
Waitress at the DM Airport Coffee Shop
Candystriper Volunteer / SW9th Street Nursing Home
Usher at KRNT theater
In home companion/tutor / Kurtz Junior High
Candystriper Volunteer / Mercy Hospital
Sandwich chick at the Iowa State Fair Maid-Rite
Usher at Hoyt Sherman Place
Volunteer at Polk County Jail - rolling fingerprints
Extra in movie, "A Thief in the Night"
Sales clerk at Younkers
Receptionist/Allstate Insurance
Claims Adjuster/Allstate Insurance
Claims Adjuster/MFA-Shelter Insurance
Certified Audio Speaker Repair Technician
Office Manager / Williams Electronics
Habitat for Humanity Volunteer
Sales/Creative Circle
Des Moines Children's Chorus Volunteer
International Student Host Family
Sunday School Teacher
Elementary Classroom Volunteer
Mail chick / Altoona Post Office
Neighborhood reporter / Des Moines Register
School Board President
Columnist / Altoona Herald
Published feature articles / DM Register & Altoona Herald
Little League Team Mother
Office Manager / Trude Enterprises
Mail chick / Bondurant Post Office
Cub Scout Den Mother
Front Desk / Best Inn & Suites
Sales Manager / Best Inn & Suites
Banquet & Catering Executive / Wildwood Lodge
Tour Guide / Glacier National Park / West Glacier, Montana
Sales / Chemlawn (2 weeks --- HORRIBLE JOB)
Cashier / Target (6 days ---- even WORSE)
Sales / Panera Bread (12 hours,working somewhere you love to eat-- not a great idea)
Tour Guide / Alliant Energy - Power House/Newton, IA
Sales Rep / Gallery Manager

................uhm, was married for 25 years and raised three kids along in there somewhere, too. Started college when I was 46. Graduated in four years. Donate blood every couple of months. And of course I am a friend to small animals.

Shoot. No wonder I'm tired and I still have paintings to paint, essays to publish, countries to visit. There are at least a thousand things on my do-before-I-die list, places to go, people to see...........

I'd better get packing.


Tantor said...


When I looked over all your jobs and life experiences, I furrowed my brow and thought:

Mmmm. Maid-Rite.

Debbie said...

Indeed! Second only to the Cheese Frenchie ordered over the booth-phone at Kings Food Host on E 14th Street. You've heard, of course, that the new owners of Maid-Rite Corporate CHANGED the RECIPE. Ohhh yes indeed they did. BLASPHEMY. Shameless, outright BLASPHEMY.