Thursday, July 03, 2008

Geek Out

Love this video. A bunch of smart techno-type kids were invited to give a quick visual of what they love about living in Des Moines. This is my favorite.

Des Moines really is a great place to live. It's a diverse city full of people that are educated, well-traveled and interested in other cultures. It's fun, progressive, entertaining, centrally located in the USA so you can get to anywhere from here and the average commute to work is............yeahh baby, sit down for this one.......NINETEEN MINUTES. Put that into your gas-guzzling, car-pooling rat-race-fightin' life and ponder it. Yuppers. Nineteen minutes after most of us here get into our cars at the end of the day, we're pouring something cold into a nice, tall glass and wandering out to relax on the porch while urban neighbors to our North, South, East and West have barely made it onto their first of three freeways.

I've lived here all my life and thought lots about maybe moving. But I think I'm here to stay. Another interesting little factoid: numerous independent studies all confirm, in the next 10 years the greater Des Moines area is going to be SHORT thousands of workers. THOUSANDS. These are not Burger King window people we're talking about. These are jobs that pay well and offer excellent benefits in a city that consistently ranks right near the top when compared to other cities for quality of life.

Looking for a place to plant some roots and grow a career and/or a family?
Honestly. Check us out. There are M A N Y awesome employers here that will go to great lengths to make it very easy for you to move here if you are young, educated and looking for a place to call home.

Check out the Greater Des Moines Partnership for more info at:

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