Friday, August 15, 2008


If you knew JUST how excited I am about the little peppers that I grew this year, you'd think I was a complete garden nerd. Sigh. Guilty as charged. I don't even LIKE peppers. But I love growing them and am so impressed with my own efforts this year, sometimes I go outside and stare at them for the longest time, just because I think they are so darn cute.

Keeping that in mind, you won't be surprised to
hear that I screamed out loud this afternoon, making
my neighbor think a wasp had stung me or something,
when I saw the magic that had appeared....seemingly the neighboring pot on the other side of the patio.

Just take a look at this!!!!!!!
See him tucked in there behind the leaves??

Yup. My very first eggplant.
About the size of a golfball, peeking out of the little pod where it had started growing.
Isn't he CUTE as the dickens???

I know.

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Smiles! Becca said...

Wow.If it were me I would be telling everyone and carrying pictures to show! I cant even keep a houseplant alive.So be a proud garden nerd!