Thursday, September 11, 2008

Becca, you're not alone......

Misery loves company (and perhaps a shared vodka bottle) so I want Becca in Alaska to know that I feel her pain. You can read her recent tale of technology woe on her blog on the link over there >>> on the right side of my blog page.

I spent last weekend house doggie sitting for some friends. Keep in mind now, I'm old enough that I remember how annoying it was to stand in front of the black and white console tv set adjusting the vertical hold only to have the picture refuse to quit rolling. For years we turned on the family TV with a pair of needle nose pliers because the plastic on/off switch was stripped.

The first night I stayed at my friends place I just sat in the living room and stared at the entertainment center full of technology I barely recognized, let alone understood how to operate. There was a big ol' tv above the fireplace. DVD player. This box thingie that I think holds one of those IPod thingies, with cords coming out of it and some speaker-like thingies. Speakers. A baby monitor walkie-talkie kind of dealies. A picture frame that has these digital pictures that change all the time. And a teensy little screen thing....have not a clue what it's got a tiny antenna and all sorts of buttons.

There were three remote controls on the fireplace mantle. And this:

I can read, so I know it's a DirecTV box. But I have no clue what it does.

I arrived with a nice little stack of rented DVD's to while away the weekend keeping the pups company, only to find that I could not......after two full hours of button-pushing get them to play.
I punched buttons and lights would flash, then lights would go out. Channels would come on, channels would disappear. No movies. Not even network tv stations.

I admit it. I am technology challenged. I ended up spending the weekend watching a channel that offered non-stop infomercials about odd machines that make gross looking juices out of anything you choose to throw into the hopper with it's big, swirling blades.

It is for times like this that I carry a purse-size bottle of Bailey's with me at all times.

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Smiles! Becca said...

ROTFLOL! I cant stop laughing which is getting me odd looks from the children. Come on over and I will share my vodka! I too remember the good ole days of tin foil on the rabbit ears and needle nose pliers.Lol. They just didnt make those nobs to last.Hahahahahaha