Monday, September 01, 2008

Does this commercial make you CRAZY???????

I love television commercials.

I like to study them as marketing tools. They are a fascinating aspect of business. Mostly I love when I find a commercial that illustrates some real creative genius. The annual Super Bowl commercials often are great examples. Unfortunately, many commercials are annoyingly absent of even the tiniest hint of creativity. Some of them miss the mark and drive me nuts.

Case in point.

I am soooo embarrassed for the people in this commercial. Have you seen it? I have nothing against A) grey hair B) great classic rock music from wayyy back when or C) having fun. It's just the whole creepy, contrived feeling of this commercial that bugs me. At the end of the spot the beautiful man with the perfect grey hair says, "Never trust anyone over 90".
Ohhh whatever, man.

You can see the commercial here:

Wow, sure looks like a good time to me.
As my friend Bob would say, "Bring on the cake!"

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Smiles! Becca said...

Hahahahha. I had never seen that one! The ones that get to me are the Bob ones advertising the viagra stuff. Not a big deal but everytime they come on my 8 yearold starts in with the ?'s. Cant a mom have a break!