Sunday, September 14, 2008

Green Thumbs and Gratitude

Friday morning there was a nice little Ziploc bag full of garden-picked green beans waiting for me at my desk when I got to the office. Can you see how neat and tidy they are, all lined up in the bag? Phyllis picked them from her garden. She's equally as fastidious about her work in our office. If a folder can't be found in it's proper spot in the cabinet, trust me, it's not because Phyllis misfiled it. Her gardens are as neat and tidy as her work in our office. And her co-workers are her grateful beneficiaries.

Look at those beans! It's like she has them trained like little garden soldiers, toe to toe in their rows, no single bean standing out as longer than the other. That's some kinda green thumb to make that happen. But the real magic is in the eating.

A little bit of maple-smoked bacon, a sprinkle of salt, a bit of butter and a nice bottle of wine....

Ohhhh baby. Nummers.
Thank you, Phyllis!!!!!!

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Debbie said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. Your blog looks like a lot of fun. The green beans reminded me of one of my favorite blogs--Confessions of a Pioneer woman. She has a sub-site devoted to cooking.

I'm not planning on going to the reunion. Not sure why--just didn't feel like it. Where are you living these days? Are you still in the D-town area? We used to chat five or ten years ago on AIM.