Friday, September 18, 2009


Random thoughts as the sun sets and the weekend prepares to unfold:

1. My TAB key is broken and it's very annoying.

2. I grow weary of people who lie.

3. The hummingbirds and robins have all flown South, haven't seen either in at least 2 weeks.

4. All those years spent as a stay-at-home mom: WORTH IT.

5. Bummer. Grilled asparagus really doesn't freeze well.

6. Shopping the Lady Clairol aisle without glasses: bad idea

7. Every now and then a great kiss just fixes everything.

8. It's really hard to walk across a yard that's full of acorns.

9. There is always someone with bigger problems.

10. On a great day like today, it's hard to choose a favorite moment but I did watch a big hedgehog munching grass out in the woods and that was pretty cool.

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