Wednesday, October 14, 2009

She talks!!!!

Feels to me like it's time to shake things up. Anything. Everything I can think of. I am not a big fan of complaceny, kind of always craning my neck to see what's up ahead, just around the next bend.

Stay tuned. I think the next couple of years are gonna rock.
Meanwhile, this weeks challenge is to look technology straight in the eye and embrace it as my friend. I came to the realization I've been hiding under my 50's era rock for too long. After days of fretting over a non-responsive laptop, my younger (and ever-so-much smarter) classmate reached over, flicked a switch and brought my lifeless computer back to full function. No one ever told me there was a switch. Is there a MANUAL for this stuff?? Are younger people just BORN with this info???

I don't know.
But I'm up for the challenge and from here on out, I'm not only accepting technology, I'm inviting it into my living room, asking it to put it's feet right up on my couch and embracing it like a favorite visitor come-to-call.

This evenings adventure with my new friend is......VIDEO!!!
Ha! This is no bigga deala to lots of people but I'm telling you what, I've had my challenges with the little camera my son gave me for my computer. Ask my granddaughter about the day I tried to Skype with her and couldn't figure out why I could see HER....but she couldn't see me. (Camera was in my desk drawer the whole time). How patient her little voice....."Grandma just look down in the corner, there is a blue button, just push it....I'm sure you can do it, Grandma Debbie!!!"

Now I can. And I decided to just dive in and see how it goes.


Lessons immediately learned:

LOOK at the camera, Deb. Eye contact!!! Eye contact!!!
I say "uhm" too much.
And try not to dart around..........a person could get a headache.

Hello from me.
We'll try again in a few days.


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Turtles In North Dakota said...

OMG I am laughing so hard here I cant stop. I am SO computer stupid it isnt funny! So I can sympathise with you on that one. Good Luck and here is a HUG for when you want to toss it all out the window.

Let me know how it goes.Maybe I will try and learn a few new things too!Ü