Friday, March 19, 2010

Fun Weekend

Fun to break up this long winter with a weekend visit to the coast.
Saw the ocean as I flew in but that really wasn't the point of the visit.
My granddaughter just turned six and I flew out to give her some hugs!

Favorite project of the weekend: throwing around some flour in Mom's kitchen!

Thanks Mom, for being so cool about the big mess!!!

Sneaking a few licks and tastes along the way.........

And hanging out playing Barbie cut-outs all afternoon when we were done.
"Grandma, 'tend you were the girl in the blue dress and 'tend I was the one in the pink and you said I looked pretty and you wanted to go to the mall."

These days paper dolls are magnetic dolls and we 'tended off and on all weekend....going to the mall, wearing princess outfits, talking about getting our hair done and going to the beach . Her Barbies have a 3-story dream house. With an elevator. Prettttttty cool.

We played with all her toys.
She has a couple of those battery-powered hamster things that everyone was nuts about at Christmas. They were kind of neat.

But nothing is neater than just hanging out with my favorite 6-year old in the whole world, chatting about life in general and making memories.

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Stacey said...

What a beautiful granddaughter! And such a wonderful way to spend time with her. She is blessed to have you!