Sunday, August 08, 2010


The creeping party that pedals it's way across the State of Iowa every July is called RAGBRAI, an acronym that's taken on a life of it's own and has attracted bikers young and old to the beautiful roadsides of our agricultural state for 38 years.

An estimated 10-15,000 riders move across the state from West to East during the week-long event, camping in small towns along the way and dining on sumptuous event favorites like pork chops on a stick, fresh corn on the cob and just-like-your-grandma-made chicken and noodle dinners at the local Methodist churches.

This year my friend Jill and I, fresh from nearly two years of study to earn our graduate degrees in May, decided to hit the road with a pop-up tent and a van full of Gatorade and cool stuff we thought bikers might like to buy. We sweat buckets in the July heat, sold bandana's and beer koozies and we kept our share of the pedaling buddies hydrated with ice cold Gatorade and the occasional motivating mixed shot of Cherry/Vanilla UV.

I could tell ya all about it, but it's easier to just look at the pics, in no special order ~ just a week of (sweaty) fun!


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