Friday, August 26, 2011

New in Town

I love this happy lady dancing against a South Dakota blue sky with unbridled abandon. I too am pleased with the day. With the decision to move. With my new town. My new job. My new home. It's all good. So incredibly good.

I'm a bit wrapped up tight too, it's a great picture of the way I feel when I'm learning so many new things all at once. New town. New job. New faces. Names to remember. Passwords. Processes. Where to buy the best pizza? Who gives a great haircut? Library? Car wash? Is there a Starbucks on my way to work??? Will my cat like his balcony perch in our new apartment???
Is there a food dish within 10 feet? Yeah. He'll like it.

So. How about a quick tour???

You're noticing the metal, right?
That's handcrafted steel work with a magnificent patina ~ we make garden planters and stakes and sculptures and ornaments and picture frames and recipe boards and holiday pieces and....and....and.....

Well. You get the picture.
The store carries the work of countless American artists and also features our own line called Prairie Dance. I love rustic pieces, have always leaned sort of in the direction of the well-worn and shabby look in furniture pieces and art. Can't tell you how much I adore these pieces. Love. Love. Love.

Break my heart, these pieces are the last of a series ~ discontinued. Love these whimsical and delighted garden stake children. I've gotta have one before the last one goes home with a customer. Someone to keep my Binks company while he's ruling the balcony.

The artists create all this amazing work right on site, in a studio in the back of the store.
I understand why customers can't help but peek back there to see what is going on.
I love watching, too!!

Of course there are lots of other beautiful things to see in the store too.
Tons of fabulous handcrafted jewelry made by American artists. I have to say fabulous again.
And again: F A B U L O U S.

Just a peek for now.
More pictures to come.

We have adorable, unique gifts for children too.
New girl in town, you know how it is.....

Very easy to be charmed by the first walrus sock puppet who smiles and says hello.

Check out my new home away from home:

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