Friday, August 05, 2011

The Scene of the Crime

I was so proud of the gorgeous red lilies on my patio.
Brave against the heat, they were spectacular each morning when I went outside to water. I'm not sure they needed any help from me. They had minds of their own. But I really liked spending time spraying them with water, convincing myself I had some small thing to do with their beauty. So, sooo pretty.
Until this morning.
I pulled out the hose, squeezed the nozzle to bathe all my green and growing buddies.
But...something is wrong. Something doesn't look quite right here........

No tall lilies. No brilliant red flowers. Just big holes.
Big, big, big holes in the dirt.
And carnage on the concrete.
Yup. While I wasn't looking the little rat-bastard chipmunks for whom I purchase ears of corn and bags of sunflower seeds thanked me by selecting my lily bulbs for dessert.

Shredded leaves everywhere.
Not a trace of a bulb to be found. I sort of envisioned the little guys licking the plate when they finally got down to that last, delicious bite. Mmmm. Mmmmmmmmmm.

All the while Binks my brave and intimidating watch-cat.....


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