Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Someone Likes this Heat

On a quick tiptoe through my tiny patio garden it's pretty clear ~ even as we're sitting inside rolling a bottle of cold water across our chest while sweat drips stripes down our birthday suit, the green-and-leafy side of the family are outside loving the heat and humidity.

We're definitely cruising the 'net in search of interesting pepper recipes.

A few nibbled leaves betray nasty little bugs keeping a low profile while I snap photos in hopes I'll not notice and leave them to their dining ~ neveryoumind fellers, you are perfectly safe. I'm pretty much a lazy gardener. I love to plant. Notsomuch liking the weeding and fussing. You'll get water in the mornings and a quick dead-heading when I'm thinking about my Grandma and all her best advice but 'tater vines, you guys are pretty much on your own.

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