Sunday, January 27, 2013

It's a Group Project

This weeks home improvement project began with a trip to the
when it comes to aisles and aisles of can't-live-without goodies at prices that make the little
DIY hamster in my gut start scrambling furiously, I love the way the inventory is constantly changing.
It only makes sense to stop in twice a week.
Three times, maybe.
I mean, what if we missed something on Tuesday that'll be gone by Thursday?
Carpet squares? Boxes of Tile? Bricks! Landscape timbers! Beveled-edge mirrors!
So off we go. And not alone.
Ever hopeful, the supreme optimist ~ someone waits patiently in the car in
hopes that Habitat also carries doggie treats.
They do not.
He forgives and supervises Project O' The Day.
Which includes slapping around a whole bunch of paint.
And wearing just about as much.
Some of us paint. Some of us supervise. Some of us (of the feline persuasion) run around outside
chasing mice in the yard. Tough work, if you're called to it.
Eventually, collectively ~ we rest.
Dairy break! Our favorite kind.

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