Friday, January 18, 2013

Legacy of Love

Something just doesn't sound quite right.
A sweetheart gave me a handwritten love letter once.
I slept with it under my pillow until it disintegrated. Come to think of it, someone hand-stitched a beautiful, colorful quilt for me once. I slept under it, wrapped my babies in it and generally dragged it everywhere until....ohhh. Yep.  It disintegrated. Hmmm. I think maybe there's a lesson in there somewhere???? Ahh well. For another day.
Today's lesson is this:
At just under half a buck, still the best bargain in town.
And they make it so easy at  +USPS Stamps 
It's really easy to get started. Pick up a pen, grab a sheet of paper, send a handwritten letter to someone and make them feel all squishy-good and happy today. You don't even have to lick the
stamps anymore. (But the mailman still likes cookies.)

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