Sunday, October 19, 2014

Field Trip

My baby boy Chuck thinks it quite the
amazing and wonderful thing to have a pet boutique and grooming shop
in the family. Beyond the grand shopping opportunities
for cool things I can wear so he'll feel
awesome walking beside me.....
....they have treats!
Fancy ones! Flavored ones! Teensy, tiny ones! Big ones!
This weekend we helped out at the store and Chuck
chose a big, chewy.....something or other.
Putting it to a test of my vast dog-treat experience, I concluded the following.....
Judging by the size ~ it clearly came from an elephant.
Judging by the fragrance ~ it clearly came from an elephant who needed a bath.

Judging by the way he groaned and passed out in the
corner after he finished it ~ doggies should not eat elephants.
Upon closer inspection of the treat-wrapping, we realized our mistake.
It wasn't an elephant.
It was a dinosaur.
And we always chase dinosaur dinner with
Halloween cookies.

It's how we roll.
Today one of us is rolling with a chubby tummy and
dinosaur stuck in our teeths.

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