Thursday, October 30, 2014

Wee Hours

4 AM.
Clueless as to why, but sleep isn't going to happen again.
Not for the longest while, it would seem.
So I lie in bed and I think.
I look out the windows and wish I could see more stars.
I listen to my guardian snore, all balled up in a massive wad of thick fur on my bedroom floor.
I pull my phone from under the pillow next to me; check email.
I cruise my Facebook.
I listen to a song someone wrote for me.
Over and over again.
I pray.
Everything on earth.
But I don't sleep.
I'm not sleepy at all.
Until I head out to the sofa.
And there, wrapped in a blanket
TV flipped on, with some inane early-80's rerun looping as background noise
Away from my soft and welcoming bed
With the cat on my chest
my eyes get heavy
I can't stay awake
And slide off to sleep.
What is it with that.

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