Saturday, November 01, 2014

It's a Choice


There are so many things which are out of our control in life.
I'm looking out the window right now, watching leaves literally fall
from the maple trees out front. Falling. In fall. Cool.
I like fall.
Life often pushes us around to the point we feel like those leaves.
Hanging on, doing our best to be brilliant and functional
even though the wind is blowing hard and we know
we just know
in a really short time
the gust of finality is going to rush along the spiny branch to which we cling
and send us drifting to the ground.
And that's where we differ from the leaves of autumn.
Once on the ground, the life drains from them.
Their extremities curl
Their brilliance fades
And they lie there
waiting for someone to rake them up and
decide their fate.
The wind will blow.
We'll fall.
But we get to choose what happens once we hit the ground.
I choose to get back up
dust off a bit
take a good look around at every good thing
and smile.
Good days ahead.
Even if it's not today.
There are always
good, good days ahead.

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