Saturday, November 01, 2014

Mirror, MIrror

I know some great mirrors.
I used to travel frequently on business and I very quickly learned the mirrors in Marriott property hotel bathrooms were simply the best friends a gal could ever have.
I think it was the combination of the lights and the wall color.
Maybe it was some kind of Marriott magic.
Whatever it was, I felt like a million bucks when I left my room each morning.
But that's a rare occurrence.
Because mirrors are usually just plain mean.
I avoid looking in them.
This, I'll admit, results in some interesting hair styling adventures.
Don't care.
Don't like mirrors.
Although I have a couple favorites.
My friend Jane has a mirror in her hallway, directly across from her bathroom door.
When one exits the ladies room, opening the door to step into the hallway,
one is greeted with a full-length presentation of oneself
and THAT mirror, I'm telling you what,
that's a best friend kinda mirror!
It's awesome!
Don't care what you felt like walking in there,
don't care what you feel like walking out,
don't care what you're wearing,
what day of the week it is, either.....
that mirror makes everyone look a long-legged
20 pounds thinner and gurrrrrrrrrrl if that don't make ya wanna
whippity-flip and spit, I don't know what does!
It, honest to goodness, is the best fahhhh-reakin' mirror in the world.
The. Best. I've walked in that bathroom I don't know how many times....
just so I can walk out again. And again.
And I actually look at me.
And smile!
Which I don't usually do.
I think I'm like lots of women.
Mirrors? I just don't like them.
I know it's what we have inside that matters.
I know substance and inner beauty are the most important thing.
Still, it's nice for those of us who spend most days feeling extraordinarily ordinary
to look in a friendly mirror, twirl a little princess-spin and
think, "Who on earth wouldn't want to kiss me right this very minute!"
It's good to feel just a little bit royal every now and then.

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