Friday, December 26, 2014

Laughter is the Key

It's pretty serious business, right?
Well heck yeah.
Think about it.
I mean,
we're born
and at first breath
we start getting old.
A fatal deterioration
over which
might I add
we have absolutely no control.
This life thing?
Definitely serious business.
In the face of which
I'll always
and respectfully
ponder the deep
and consider
with reasonably protracted interest
the philosophical;
I'll hash about ideas
whittle away at radical notions
study manifesto's
and consider
purpose and mission.
I just prefer to do it
over a comfort-food meal
in a hometown sort of place
with my elbows on the table
and ketchup
in case I want to dip my fries.
Above all things
don't expect me to linger in the depths
too long.
I've got too much to squeeze
out of this life to be
too serious
too introspective.
Ruminative musings
and brevity should always walk hand in hand
if you're on a time-sensitive journey.
Which I am.
And you are.
So let's get to this
living like our last day is tomorrow
hugging so tight we can't breath
smiling so big our faces crack
and no regard for
what if
what if
what if
ohhhhhhh what? if? 
It's simple.
It really, truly is.
It all boils down to this......

 If we can laugh together
we'll handle the what-ifs just fine.

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