Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Merry Din-ho-ho-ho-saur

All the little kids who visit our gymnastics academy
know our counter-top dinosaur mascot.
He keeps me company year 'round,
while I sit behind the desk
greeting our gym students
and lots of their little brothers and sisters
who patiently hang out
while the family attends classes and practices.
He's a stylish fellow
who likes to dress up for the holidays.
The littlest kids who come to visit
always look for him
wondering what he'll be wearing.

Clever guy, this one.
Decided he would hide himself among the presents
so maybe
just maybe
he could figure out what Santa brought him
before Christmas Day
when he gets to open the boxes
with his name on them.
Not so fast, buddy.
Those aren't for you.
Set out the milk and cookies on Christmas Eve
and maybe.
Just maybe.

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