Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The Rabbit Trails of My Mind

One of my go-to songs
for just about any kind of day.
Sad days
and happy days
and days of mourning
and days of rejoicing
days of want
and days of plenty.
It's a good, thought-provoking tune
with just enough mystery
and a bit of an emotional tug
and build
to a lovely crowd sing-along which
of course always always always
just makes me feel happy and hugged.
Thanks, Coldplay.

Hastening to add
no, my heart isn't broken today
nor am I considering jumping off a bridge.
So don't set those little wheels a-turning
to any morose conclusion.
I'm a-ok.
Actually, it's sunny
and cold
in a crisp sort of
post-holiday snap.
The world is frozen solid out there
but it looks really good.
I just love this song.
I should also addd.
IF perchance, the PooPourri advertisement
with the little redhead in the blue dress precedes the tune and you were inclined to watch it
before listening to the boys. I do love that it's a clever, edgy
bit of a commercial but you're likely as tired as I,
at seeing it so many times
......ohhhhh yowwwww luvuhs uh-pahhhhhhht-ment.......
(I swear, I know the whole script, don't you?)
I'm not sure if it will show up on the video once posted.
We'll see.
if you spend any time at all
watching YouTube videos
you know the ad I'm talking about.
That said.....I think it's a great little commercial
just been around too long for me now...and.....
I have happy news!
There is an edgier and
if I might pull up a chair and insinuate myself
as knowledgeable critic
on these sorts of things
for a moment....
ANOTHER commercial for Poo Pourri
and I find it to be
adorable and delightful...
well....as one can possibly be adorable when
dispensing information about a product
where straight-forward talk
about poop
is important.
This truly is adorable.
thanks to gift-bearing daughter of
Christmases passed
I can tell you
the product is AMAZING
and I'm a great fan.
My first ever
"I strongly suggest you buy some!"
because honestly
it rocks.
yes, real evidence
from the antiquated bathroom shelf
in my
50's style bathroom
which has yet to be remodeled
in, count them,
yes count them,
six decades.
I keep a little spritzer at the ready
and find
not only does it eliminate (arrr arrrrr arrrrrr)
the tensions of ill-timed and inopportune
bodily functions
in a small house
friend and family evenings,
but it's a damn fine
conversation piece too!
Catch the following commercial
with Santa and the three little nightgowned angels......and buy a bottle
for your bathroom. You. Will. Love. It.

 I'm no sure how my love of Coldplay
turned into a chat about poop
but like pretty much everything else in life
I'll just roll with it.

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