Sunday, January 11, 2015

A Proper Place for Every Thing

I never use a recipe
so the meatloaf is different
every time.
This weekend's version?
It was
pretty darn good
~ especially good, I might even venture ~
if I do say so myself.
I only wish
I'd remembered
to put the leftovers
into the refrigerator
after wrapping them
with a Ziploc
instead of leaving them
on the kitchen counter.
I knew the winter birds
would be just
so excited
when I bought the big bag
of sunflower seeds.
How I wish
I had remembered
to put it up in the cupboard
instead of leaving it
on a lower
kitchen shelf.

As the temperatures drop
the dry air
assaults my skin
in the worst way
leaving my little
crackled-up self
for humidity.
My squatty bit of a
favorite tube of
is the bestest
of forever friends
in the winter.
Just a dab!
It's so concentrated
that's all I need.
My goodness
how I wish
I'd remembered to tuck that tube
into a drawer of my bedside table
instead of leaving it
lying on the bed yesterday morning
after my shower.

???????? WHAT ???????? 

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