Saturday, February 21, 2015

Blessed by Friends

I've been a little under the weather.
Not to belabor the whole post-operative thing
as I realize
bazillions of people
go through lots worse
every day of the year
and persevere to their own style of
glorious recovery.
My experience is nothing special.
Nothing unique.
I've not suffered more than expected
not agonized in ways I hadn't expected.
That said
the recovery thing
is exhausting and pretty lonely.
Especially if you
send the dog
and the cat
and the bird
away to critter camp
and you live
on the South side of town
which most people consider to be
a good hundred miles beyond
the far hinterlands
and as many miles
past the nether regions
of my home community.
It's like ten minutes from downtown.
So my thanks
to those of you who made the trip
and those of you who checked in on me
and those of you who just whispered a prayer
or wished me well on Facebook.
Bless yer damn socks off, people.
I love ya more than I can say.
As I told my sister this morning
"Angels appear when you need them."
And that's the truth.
let me introduce you to three of my angels
all of whom
happened to send their own
particular style of
on the very same day last week.
In the earliest hours of the still-dark morning
a text-message arrived.
Short and sweet.
It was a Bible verse reference.

And boy oh boy
was it ever
what I needed to hear that day.
A guy I love so much sent it.
I talked to him on the phone last night.
Why did you send that Bible verse to me?
I kinda want to keep what he said to myself.
I kinda want to keep what I said back
to myself, too.
But it was good.
And we laughed.
And it helped me lots
to know he was there.
~ ~ ~
Later that morning
I went to the mailbox
to find this postcard
waiting for me.

A guy I love so much sent it.
He can be counted on to lift my spirits and make me smile
holiday after countless holiday
and lots of days in between.
He has been entertaining my postal carrier
and likely earning me
close scrutiny by the NSA
over the years
with postcards bearing the most suspect of photos
and handwritten messages
all of which I have saved
and love to read over and over.
Don't care
even if it I end up in prison
at the hands of a liberal regime
worried over my activities
as outlined in these messages,
I love everything he sends me.
This postcard made me smile.
It helped me lots
to know he was there.
~ ~ ~
the same day
I opened up my email
to find the following message
of wisdom and good cheer.
A guy I love so much sent it.
He can always be counted on to
paint whatever dire situation I find myself
with the most unique of colors
as to make it
I never take myself too seriously
after a good, solid reminder
of just how good I have it
from him.
How could ones heart
not be stirred
by such sweet, sweet
I think of these guys as the drum majors
in this weeks parade of lovely
and supportive men.
What's not to love??
Add their efforts the visits, calls, meals, offers of help, rides,
encouraging words....overnight stays at my sisters....
all-night hospital vigil by my daughter..
pet-sitting and visits from my boys...
...plants, flowers, balloons and
supply of Snickers bars
and I just feel
One more knee to go
and we'll be dancing!!!

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