Monday, February 16, 2015

Wine and Canvas

I'm so thankful
the way
my angels appear
just when I need them.
Dearest of friends
and family members
stepped in
over and over again
the past few weeks
to help me
with meals
and errands
and pet-sitting
and the delivery of medicine
while I was recovering
from my surgery.
This weekend
two of them
delivered me into an afternoon
of relaxation and fun.
A Wine and Canvas event
held at a nearby winery.
Appropriate enough
the painting of the day
was a winterscape
and I'm just gonna tell ya
right up front
I'm a bit of a rebel
when it comes to someone
instructing on how to
I'm no Van Gogh
but I know how I like to slide paint
onto a canvas.
And it's ok with the
Wine and Canvas people.
They just want you to
enjoy the afternoon
have a great time
and hopefully
go home with a painting
you kinda like.
Mission accomplished.

Since the crowd at these events
is largely comprised of people
who have never held a paintbrush before
the process is slow
and carefully explained
by awesome instrutors
who have created paintings
that can be easily
and replicated
with some measure of success.
That said, on close scrutiny
you'll note
the rebel
watched too darn much Bob Ross
through her children's growing up years.
We have our own idea
about where and how we like
happy little trees.

Early stage.
And I wasn't drinking wine.
Still on medication.
Didn't seem to be a grand idea.


And tah-dahhhh!
Congrats to my two friends
for their lovely works
which truly did turn out
to look
very much
like the lovely painting
our instructor displayed
prior to the start of class!
And mine
And I love that about it.
Big hugs to my buddies for
inviting me, gifting me with the ticket, driving me,
entertaining me
feeding me
doing a load of laundry for me
and even hiking into Walgreens
to refill my stash
of Extra-Strength Tylenol
on the way to the winery.
You're timing was better
than you could possibly know.
We get by with
a little help from our friends.

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