Thursday, February 12, 2015


It's been a long two weeks.
I had knee replacement surgery at the end of January
and happy as heck to have been in the hospital
having it done.
Coming home
of course
is always a good thing
but the ensuing days since
have been harder than I expected.
I'm not used to taking drugs.
I'm not on any medications
so a daily vitamin
and a random Aleve here and there
is the extent of it.
The assault of drugs necessary
to facilitate my recovery
from this surgery
launched an assault on my body
even as they were helping me
and honest
I can't remember a time
I've felt so
and so blue
and so alone.
I know lots of it just had to do with all the drugs.
And yet
even as we schedule and plan for things
like surgery
and we prepare all of the little auxiliary life functions
like who will take care of the dog
and the cat
and the bird
and taking out the trash
the truth
and perhaps unfairly so
is that life will continue to roll
mindless of ones rock-solid
state of mind
or otherwise.
And in my case this past week
it was definitely
frequently tearfully
Not really prepared
for unexpected disappointments
and emotional roller coasters.
But invites to ride
come anyway.
And ride, we do.
Best as we can.
The hills and the valleys
found me spending time with an old friend
this week.
I love the Book of James.
The wise words and practical counsel
have guided me through
the ups and downs of life
since I was a teenager.

It's not always easy
to be pure
then peace-loving
considerate, submissive
and full of mercy.
Sincere impartiality
is tough stuff.
blessed, blessed
oh how blessed
are the peacemakers.
May I remember to be one
Always, Lord.
Please always
let it begin
with me.

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