Friday, August 28, 2015

New Road. Different Bumps.

Feel free not to answer
he said
but do you mind me asking
would you ever get married again?

We're dear friends.
the best ever.
Have been for years.
We've rolled up and down
plenty of lifes hills
on parallel roads.

Would you?
After all those years
and after all these years alone
knowing what you know now
would you?

Oh heck yeah.
I didn't even have to think
about my answer.


My sweet daughter
who is also a dear friend
and of the 
sworn-never-to-marry mind
expressed incredulity
when I told her the same thing?

You would?
Even after going through a divorce
and all the tough stuff 
you've been through?
People change, mom.
You know you can't ever predict
how people change.
You'd do it again?

And then she thought about it for a minute.
Her older and wiser thought process
kicking into gear.

Or is it because you feel like
you've learned some things
along the way.

That's it.

And yeah
to my lifelong buddy
the one who is less-than-happy
and occasionally envies me just a bit
in my aloneness
even as I occasionally
envy him a bit
in his marriedness.

I'd do it again.
In a heart beat.
Because I've learned some things.

About me.
About life.
About others.

I'm older.
I've learned a few lessons.
Tough ones.

My ex-husband and I
were together for over 25 years.
We remain great friends.
He's been happily remarried
for many years.

I liked being married.
I'm ok single.

But everything is just better
when you share it with someone
you love.

Oh yes.
In a heartbeat.

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