Saturday, March 29, 2008

And another baby in Chicago....

This little baby already has a great nickname,
they call him the little BarFit MisFly........

Nawww, I'm not gonna explain that.

Family, biking buddies and friends from Carl's came to Chav's shower --- a party that broke from tradition: instead of shower games, the girls turned us all loose with markers and paint to custom-decorate little onesies for the baby boy that she and Dana are expecting this spring.

There was plenty to eat, but everyone was pretty intense on the creative mission-at-hand. Mama-to-be and several of the girls are all art-school graduates.
You'd think that might intimidate the heck out of everyone else.


How quickly time passes.

Students with back packs turn into new mommies with diaper bags. It feels weird at first.
(Are we really old enough to be parents? When we still feel so much like kids ourselves??)
Yep. I remember. I always tell new mom's to enjoy every minute, that babies grow quickly. And I tell them to have fun. These girls have the right idea. They'll do things their way.

I think they're going to be great moms.

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