Saturday, March 29, 2008

Yup, it's Spring.....

Three baby showers in one week.
A sure sign of spring.

Matt and Kelli are expecting twin boys real soon.
Kelli and I graduated together last year and our class thinks new babies on the way
are a great excuse for a little bit of a reunion.

Big sister Makenna knows there are two babies on the way and she is
real excited about little brothers. She was born while her mom was in school with us.

Can we play shower games?

Deep thought and consideration as we all try to figure out if Demi Moore had freckles and nerdy glasses when she was a kid.

(Note to classmates who couldn't attend - Shaylon's restaurant opens in June!
Locust Mall. Tell all your friends!)

Although he was a complete novice to the shower game thing,
Jerry cleaned up.

And while Kelli opened her gifts....

Paula, who raised twins of her own, shared a helpful hint involving the use of Karo Syrup. Let's see, I think she said they were called sugar Well, let's just say it was a very helpful hint and very educational for some of us.

More gifts.


And hugs from great friends.
It was a fun night. Let's do it again real soon.
Ok, Class of 07......who wants to get pregnant so we can throw a party?????

Good luck Matt, Kelli and Makenna.
Can't wait to meet the baby boys!

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