Sunday, March 09, 2008

I spent Saturday mornings with the King of the Cowboys and wanted to be a cowgirl when I grew up. Sally Sue Brady, my older and wiser 8-year old neighbor told me that cowboys didn't have long curls so I let her cut mine off when I was in Kindergarten. Sally Sue was hell-on-wheels-wicked with a pair of round-tip school scissors but she persevered and my neck was cold that whole next winter.

Roy clinked when he walked. Spurs, you know. Beat up lots of bad guys as I recall. But his shirt was always nice and tidy and he was mannerly to Dale Evans, Queen of the West, when he stopped by her diner for some lunch. She had great boots, too. And a gentle horse named Buttermilk. No wonder every little girl back in the 50's wanted a horse of her own.

Offscreen Roy Rogers and Dale Evans were married for many many years and raised a huge family. I don't recall the specific details but I remember a book at my Grandmas house called "Angel Unaware". I read it over and over. It was Dale's story about one of their children, a little girl that died when she was very very young. Sad stuff happens, even to The King of the Cowboys and The Queen of the West.

If you ate jelly toast in your jammies on Saturday mornings and watched Roy and Pat Brady chase down the bad guys too, you'll love these clips:

Here is how the show opened:

Roy told us that little buckaroos and cowgirls should be good and always follow what he called.....
The Cowyboy Code
Be neat and clean.

Be courteous and polite.

Always obey your parents.

Protect the weak and help them.

Be brave.

Study hard and learn all you can.

Be kind to animals and care for them.

Eat all your food and never waste any.

Love God and go to Sunday School regularly.

Always respect our flag and our country.
Pretty simple.
Pretty good advice.
As you swept the crumbs off your plate onto the hardwood floor and wiped the milk moustache from your mouth after that final breakfast slurp, I'll bet you were singing along, just like me, as Roy and Dale rode side by side out through the gates of the Double Bar R Ranch:

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