Saturday, May 17, 2008

Dirtin' Day

Love playin' in the dirt. Cool, fresh, black black black dirt.
Mmmmm Mmmmm Mmmmm.
My favorite rite of spring.

I lose more steak knives this way.
There's a proper garden trowel around here somewhere.
Dang if I'm gonna waste time looking for it.

Geraniums. Marigolds.
Some of that...........uhhhm....some of that purple stuff.

I don't even like them, really.
But they are so cute to plant.
(Remember -- it's all about the dirt, anyway)
And the little peppers are sooo cute when they're ready to pick.
A couple of months from now, I'll show you.

Yup. 'Taters.
They grow the coolest vines.
The greenhouse sells the little vines in pots, already started, nice and green, for a coupla bucks a piece. It's a lot easier (and cheaper) to just tuck a potato into the dirt and wait. I plant carrots and onions, too. Lettuce. All of it in pots since I don't have a yard. And eggplant. I have no idea if eggplant grows in pots very well. But I love how shiny and purple they are. So I'm giving them a try.

Now THIS little fella was the zit on the complexion of my perfectly appointed day. It's the hose hook-up in my garage.

The hose easily (yeahh. WHATEVER) screws into this little thing and when the handy little handle is turned, water comes out. That's the idea anyway. I couldn't get the hose to thread on to this thing, no way. I tried and tried and tried. All morning long it was me vs. brass connector. I lost.

Dear Kids - is one of you going to be in the neighborhood tomorrow?
Help. My little plants are thirsty. Could you come over and help me hook up this thing???

Mom is tired from all the playing in the dirt.

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