Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Whizbang Chicken Plucker

My city-girl-moved-to-the-country sister tells me the great part about having a little pen full of baby chicks is that they grow and you end up with some nice, fat, frozen chickies in your freezer. Mmm. Mmmmm.

Gettin' them birdies from pen to freezer is a bit of a project.
Do you think the birds just spontaneously die and slide themselves into freezer bags? No indeed and as a matter of fact, they do not.

And once expired ( necessary but not necessarily fun part of the projects) do you think they just spontaneously shed all three zillion of their feathers so they don't get stuck in your teeth when you fry them up for a proper Sunday dinner?
No, in fact, they do not.

But help is on the way. Thanks to some brilliant fellow with a great mind for making life for weekend chicken-farmers simpler, there is now a device that can be built for less than $50 bucks (instructions available on the internet) that makes the proper plucking of a chicken quick and easy.

Just watch.
If you have a soft spot in your heart for all things furry and/or feathered, take a moment and think about a nice, warm plate of Chicken Alfredo. Yummy. Tastes sooo good. Yup, you're thinking about chunks of chicken meat now, not your little fun, feathered friend the neighborhood chicken.

Ok. You're ready. You can watch these boys prove there is more than one way to pluck a chicken:

Yeah, looks pretty plucked to me. Now mix up some cornbread stuffin' mama, I smell dinner.

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