Monday, May 11, 2009

Great Stuff Comes in Pink Packages

Let me just quickly say...........this going to school and work and business-trip schedule is just about killin' me. And it doesn't help that this new laptop has a mind of it's own. The cursor is possessed and jumps all over the place, mid-sentence. WHERE IS MY YELLOW LEGAL PAD.....!!!!!!!!

And I'm soo soooo tired.
Thus I'll direct you past what has momentarily become something of a lifeless online spot to one that surely will fascinate you. My adventurous daughter has started her own blog so that her friends and family can keep track of her comin's and goin's. As you read, you'll realize what I mean...she's been on the road lots over the past few years and she's got plenty to write about.

This is my Sar.
She's not usually Only for special occasions.

She's fun and I adore her. She's also a heck of a writer.
Drop in, check her out and tell her mama said hi.

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Turtles In Alaska said...

I honestly have always wanted to dye my hair pink! I love it, so sassy!