Thursday, July 16, 2009

Hail Yes, it Hailed

You gotta see this.
The wind came up around midnight.
The rain started.
And then it hailed.

From my second floor bedroom I could hear the chunks of ice hitting the shingles and knew they had to be big. It didn't last long, but for a short while it sounded like God was dumping out the ice cube trays of heaven.

Next morning I checked out the pots on my patio to see how my flowers and plants had weathered the storm. Everyone seemed to be fine but I found evidence of the the night's drama in one pot.

Take a look.

One of the pots took a direct hit from a hailstone and left a crater as evidence.
That was a pretty big chunk of ice. And I should mention I left my car parked outside that night instead of tucking it in the garage.

Yeah, there are three dents. Not enough to clear my deductible but the biggest one is right in the middle of the hood so I can enjoy looking at it until the wheels fall off my car.

Gotta love Mother Nature, that girl has one wicked sense of humor.


Anonymous said...

You got quite a way with words, girl. Somewhere Lillian Hildreth is smiling.....ND

Debbie said...

I know you and I agree - Lillian was the kind of teacher that made a real difference in peoples lives. I started writing when I was in 2nd grade but it wasn't until I arrived at Lincoln and sat in her class that I really started to work on polishing those skills. She and Henry Saunders and Janet Schwarz all helped me find my true voice.