Thursday, July 16, 2009

Kick Off Your Sunday Shoes

I had horrible shoes when I was a kid. This was before rows and rows of try-'em-on-yourself styles at WalMart and Payless. We shopped at proper shoe stores and my feet were short and wide. Like Flintstone feet sorta. I remember a shoe guy dropping that torturous Victorian metal measuring deal with the slide in-thing for foot width near my toes and laughing to my mom, "This kids foot is shaped like a loaf of bread."

Thanks for making a 3rd-grade kid feel special, Bubba.

All this as background to let you know why I love looking at shoes. Other peoples shoes. Not mine. My head it still back in that old shoe store, intimidated and self-conscious. I buy functional shoes in sensible colors and styles that I wear until they fall apart. But I LOVE looking at the fun shoes OTHER people choose.

My Tuesday night class is a parade of foot fashion.

Are those too cute????

And how about these???
Yup, the ladies in my class have some fun, fun shoes.

When I see them walk into class in the shoe-choice-o-the-week, it always makes me think of one of my favorite all-time songs and videos. You know how everyone has at least one movie they would watch over and over and over and never tire of it? This video comes from one of mine. Love Kevin Bacon. Loved the movie. My first car was a VW bug just like his.
And oh how I loved to dance before my knees turned to Cap'n Crunch.


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