Friday, July 17, 2009

Do I Detect Man-Sweat in the Neighborhood????

Princes Charming ThisGuyFromOutEast and ThisGuyFromOverWest rolled in just about time for lunch. "Anything we can help with?" they asked. My keen eyes detected rippling muscles and brute strength beneath the sleeves of their summer t-shirts.


Actually, you could move a couple of things from the garage to the upstairs. Like that dresser over there. It's pretty heavy though......

After moving furniture we all sat outside and had sandwiches, some beverages and lovely conversation during which they mentioned when they offered to help they sorrrrrrta had in mind something along the lines of chopping vegetables.....maybe husking the sweet corn. The whole dresser-thing??? Well. That was a bit of a surprise.

Y'know what? They dove right in and took care of business. That big dresser was up my stairs and in my bedroom before I'd fried up the bacon or sliced the tomatoes. I love that about guys from out of town. They ended up cleaning my whole garage.

Thanks boys. Big smooches to the top of both your precious heads. Youz the bestest.

And more of the same to my best girl who kept us smiling and laughing as we enjoyed the summer afternoon. A thousand hugs to my little one. Good to have you home.

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